There are many reasons to "put your money where your house is," and here are just a few:

Money Stays Here


The dollars you spend here will turn over, up to 7 times, in the local economy!

Pays for Services


While taxes aren't the most exciting topic, what they do for the community is quite amazing. Libraries, 911, snow removal, and law enforcement all function because of the money you spend locally. Your tax dollars buy the books, get the first responders to fires, and plow the snow so you can get to work. When you spend money elsewhere you are paying for someone else's services.

Promotes Local Pride


The places you shop, eat, and have fun all make our community what it is. When you spend money locally you encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Your money helps keep us unique!

Supports Your Neighbors


Small businesses owned by your neighbors require hard work and dedication to make it. Support these people so their businesses can thrive!


What's more, all businesses that have a presence locally have employees. From car dealerships to big box stores, to restaurants, these businesses also need support to continue to grow and maintain jobs for our area workforce.

Better for the Environment


Driving to Grand Junction, Denver, Silverthorne, etc. takes fuel and creates more wear and tear on your vehicle. Buying online and having things shipped also takes fuel, vehicles, and packaging. When you shop locally you reduce the impacts on our environment.

Promotes Charity


Local businesses are often the biggest supporters of charities and local organizations in need.

Saves Gas & Time


Have you ever found yourself taking a whole day to drive to Grand Junction to go shopping? Or a weekend in Denver? While it may feel like you are saving a few dollars, you may actually be paying more. Gas, eating out, hotels, and intangibles (like time away from the things you love doing) can add up quickly. Shopping locally saves all those things while giving you and your community all the benefits listed here.

Recruits More Business


When the local populations support businesses, this opens up opportunities to bring in more businesses.